In my search for ways to decorate the computer lab, I had difficulty finding bulletin boards that were appropriate for elementary school computer labs. So...I took some ideas from what I did find, and I am posting the boards that I used this year in the computer lab. Feel free to share your ideas!

"Be a Typing Star"
Students review tips for typing correctly. Our favorite website for typing practice is from BBC and it's called Dance Mat Typing.
Students add their favorite approved websites to our "web" They can suggest websites to be approved. Some of our favorites are and
This is my approach to classroom rules and procedures. "Ms. Lovin's Keys to Success" is my way of posting our lab rules. The tiny dots on the board are actually computer keys from a surplus keyboard that I made into push-pins.
"Technology is TREE-mendous" is a visual representation of an alphabetical listing of some technology resources. Each tree has squares with letters of the alphabet and an image of a technology tool/resource that corresponds with that letter. The students enjoy asking, "What's that?" or offering their own letter suggestions.
"Technology: Connecting Our Students to the World" has images of various technology tools connected to images of everything from landscapes to animals to people. I used colored wire to show the connections.
I try to help my teachers reinforce academic topics from the classroom into the lab. "Click Clack Moo: Kids That Type" is a bulletin board for displaying writing that students complete in the lab.
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